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We were contacted by MSA Foams Limited for advice on how to refurbish their old existing storage warehouse into a viable production area.

The concrete was in poor condition and there were some localised remnants of paint and oil contamination. Following a free site survey, we submitted a specification detailing our recommendations together with a quotation to complete the work.

Epoxy Products were awarded the contract.


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The oil contamination was chemically removed.The concrete was then Vacuum Track Shot Blasted. This dust free system physically removed all remnants of paint and thoroughly cleaned the surface of the concrete. We completely resurfaced the floor using a Self Leveller and applied one coat of our solvent free EPOXY SEALER. After an overnight hardening period, despite the cold temperatures, we applied one generous coat of our EPOXY COATING The floor was completed all within four days and returned and trafficked by heavy fork trucks within 48 hours of completion.


Our Contracting Division have been operating for over 30 years and during that time have gained an excellent reputation, an extensive clientele and a wealth of experience installing high performance industrial flooring.  Following a free on site meeting, attended by one of our experienced technologists, we will identify all your requirements, all your concerns and tailor the ideal flooring system you need. Whilst on site we will complete a thorough floor survey and present a Specification which details your specific requirements and submit a Quotation to complete the work.

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